• December 19, 2018
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The Power of Simplicity

2018 has been a pretty cool year for me. Released a book, toured the world, made a new album. With all that, one of my biggest takeaways has been experiencing the power of simplicity… My creative brain loves to come up with (and create!) a million different ideas. I love this about myself, but I am also starting to enjoy the power of focusing on one or two things really well. In 2019, I am so excited to give more of my focus to my first love: the music!

That means…clearing the deck. Eliminating. Simplifying. I stepped away from The REL Show recently, and while I miss the interaction, I am at peace knowing that was the best choice for me. Moving ahead, I will be simplifying a few other things-one of them being my online class for aspiring musicians, Rockstar Crash Course. RCC has helped so many beginning musicians find their way, and I’m delighted at the impact it has had. Enrollment for Rockstar Crash Course will close at the end of this year, but members will have access to the material for life-and who knows, I may even open it back up again in the future!

Starting off my year of simplicity in this way lets me give my very best to new music making and touring the world. SO much good stuff to come!
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