• January 30, 2018
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Don’t wait to feel awesome.

Hey babes,

So I don’t know how you’re doing today (fabulous, I hope), but I am just like bursting at the seams with that buzzing goodness that makes me want to GROW and EXPAND and GET MY FREAKING DREAMS ALREADY!

I was looking at some of the goals I’ve dreamt up for 2018, and imagining how awesome achieving those goals was gonna feel, and I then heard myself think, “I don’t want to wait to feel that amazing till the end of this year.”

….Fair enough, right?

If you’ve got some big things you want to create, but you don’t want to wait to feel awesome till you get there, you absolutely don’t have to put that off. In fact, you can decide to generate all those awesome feelings now, even without having DONE ALL THE STUFF! This is a good trick to know.

So I decided to make a list of the ways I could get some of those feelings in my life right away, because I am obsessed with lists. And I decided to share it with you, because I am obsessed with you. #makessense


I can give it my ALL at the gym-heart rate way up, music way up.

I can have more spontaneous moments of joy and fun in my day.

I can LOVE my work more!

I can express myself more in my look-more full time fabulous!

I can cook with more heart.

I can offer the world more of myself. (By, say, sending this email!)

I can feel even better. I can dream even bigger.

I can declutter things that don’t fit with my vibe.

I can show up as more of myself around other people.

I can not sweat the small stuff more. Not let it dull my shine in the least.

I can SING with more of my heart involved.

So there you have it. If you are craving expansion, wanting to offer more of yourself and live bigger, there are so many ways you can do that right now.

Make your list.

Make it happen.




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