• September 28, 2018
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Allowing Yourself to Feel

Hello friends!
Here on The REL Show, we’ve been talking a lot about brain hacking, and how to use our thoughts to change our emotions. This has been life-changing for so many of you, and that’s why this week I decided to share a slightly different perspective.

Yes, we can use the power of our thinking to help us chose the emotions we want, but there is a balance to all that intentionality.

The truth of the matter is, sometime we just aren’t going to feel great.

And you know what? That is expected, and more than okay.

Just because we know that our thoughts create our feelings, doesn’t mean we should never experience pain, or sadness, or regret. We are human beings having a human experience, and that includes all emotions available to us. This is good news.

In today’s episode, I’m discussing what to do when an overwhelming emotion starts to take over, and-hint-it doesn’t involve changing the thoughts or the emotion.

I hope you keep these ideas in mind in the coming week, and remember to love all parts of yourself!

Much love,

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