• March 9, 2018
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Creating a New Identity For Yourself

Hey babe!

I am so fired up to be part of such great community of wonderful people all making our future next level amazing!

This week, we’re discussing how to create a new identity for yourself.

Does that sound like something you’d be into?

The key here is to reference your future-where you’re going-instead of your past. If you look backwards to see what kind of person you’ve been, you’ll keep being more of the same person, and you’ll keep creating more of the same in your life.

If you want a new life, you need to think new thoughts!

And a really fun way to do that is imagine what your badass, fulfilled future-self must be thinking (or anyone who is living your dream life!) and then practice thinking that on purpose.

Just thinking the thoughts alone won’t change much-but taking ACTION from the INSPIRATION that those thoughts give you will change everything.

Watch this week’s episode for a jolt of inspiration.

Here’s to a beautiful life,


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