• February 2, 2018
  • Self Love

How To Feel More Confident (right away!)

Hey babes!

This month’s theme on the REL Show is CONFIDENCE and I’m so thrilled to get to start this journey with you!

We begin this week’s episode by breaking down how our thoughts affect our feelings-and how we can think confident thoughts on purpose-even if we don’t believe them yet!

I also want to share the power thoughts I mention in the episode, so you can refer to them and get some ideas for making up your own.

And that brings me to your homework for this week:

1. Do a thought download where you write down all the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Purge them out. As new ones come up throughout the week, add that to your list (this can be on your phone, computer, or paper).
2. Start making up some thoughts you *wish* were true, about your self image and all you’re capable. Here are a few to get you started:

Confidence Power Thoughts:
“Everyone in this room loves me, they just don’t know it yet.”
“I am the perfect person for this job.”
“People would be so lucky to have me as their friend.”
“There’s something really special about me.”
“Everything I try is easy for me.”
“I’m an exceptionally awesome human being.”
“I’m freaking brilliant.”

Don’t forget to write those down too! And refer to them often.

That’s it! Next week, we’re going deeper and diving into having confidence in social settings.



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