• April 27, 2018
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Five Things to Stop Doing To Be Happy

Why hello friends!

Do you think you would be happier if you stopped comparing yourself to other people? How about if you stopped worrying so much?

I bet we all would…but if you’ve ever tried changing these things you know it’s not always that easy. So that’s why I’m excited to present these ideas to you in a new way, where YOU are in charge and you get to choose to engage (or not!) with thoughts that serve or drain you. When you make the direct correlation for how these habits support or detract from your joy, it serves as a compelling motivation to make powerful new changes in our lives.

Because you know what? YOU’RE IN CHARGE AROUND HERE. You get to make the rules. Be empowered today in knowing that you get to decide what you believe and what rules you wanna live by.

You got the power;)


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