• April 20, 2018
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How To Be Happy (New series!)

Hey babes,

If you’ve been following my journey, you know I’m all about finding ways to be happier. In my book, I devote a whole chapter to “Joy Hunting”; finding and creating little moments of joy throughout your life.

Well guys. I’ve stumbled across something new.

I’m realizing that as humans we make RULES for ourselves about when we are and aren’t allowed to be happy. Flat tire? Day is ruined, can’t be happy. Get off work early? Boom, we get to chill out and be happy. We can be happy on Fridays, but not Mondays. We can be happy when we get lots of Likes on our latest posts, and we can be sad when we hear about a new tragedy in the news.

I’m not suggesting we change any of these rules, not if we don’t want to. But let’s not be delusional in thinking that these events and circumstances are 100% in charge of our happiness levels for the day. WE are in charge. WE get to decide. And sometimes, we may want to decide to feel sad or lonely, and that’s ok. We get to feel all of it, knowing we can handle any emotion.

So in today’s episode, I break down this framework we’ve adopted that dictates when we do and don’t get to experience the emotion of happiness. And in the coming weeks, I’ll be offering spcecific ideas for rules to drop and rules to try on, and see how they can support our joy.

I hope you get a lot out of this week’s episode.

And thanks to my Patrons who sponsored this episode and made it possible!



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May 7 – Warsaw – Poglos
May 9 – Budapest – A38
May 10 – Prague – Cafe V Lese
May 12 – Copenhagen – Beta

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