• May 26, 2018
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How I Failed

You guys don’t know the half of it. My life is literally one giant failure.

If you’ve read my book, Turn Your Pain Into Art, you already know I set some very huge, specific goals for myself when I was like a freaking toddler.  Seriously-I was three years old when I became heart-set on becoming A World Famous Singer. And for many years, those goals ran my entire life. I thought I would not be fulfilled until I achieved those goals, until I hustled enough to make my dreams come true. Then I could finally relax, and be happy.

This turned into YEARS of beating myself up. Of trying to make my version of Success happen, and just growing more frustrated by the day.

It wasn’t until I zoomed out and saw that I was still taking orders from myself as a little kid, that I realized that what I *really* wanted was joy…fulfillment…inner peace. Things I already had inside but was completely discounting because I wasn’t “successful enough” yet.

So, I dropped the story. I decided I had value regardless of how successful I was. I stopped believing the lie that my life was a failure simply because I hadn’t been able to realize a dream I made when I was a little kid.  And thank God-it was getting exhausting.

You, too, have endless value, regardless of how successful you think you are or aren’t. Are you creating pain for yourself, like I did for years, by not letting yourself enjoy life until you reach some imaginary target you made up for yourself?

Drop the story. Drop the struggle. Stop trying to get somewhere else long enough to see how beautiful HERE and NOW really is. Just as it is. Just as you are.



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