• August 24, 2018
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Increasing My Capacity for Happiness!

Hello darlings!
Today’s episode comes from the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, where I am sharing the work I am doing to increase my capacity for joy. Does that sound fun or what?!

As I explain in the video, we can see external changes by first imagining a slightly better life for ourselves -which is internal work. This is the process of expanding your ideas about what is possible for you. It yields amazing results but it’s not always comfortable-because to get out of our current comfort zone (to grow!) means there will be discomfort involved.

I am of the philosophy that life is full of discomfort anyway, so we might as well pick the discomfort that comes from expansion, instead of the discomfort that comes from not living up to our potential.

Enjoy the episode, and have a beautiful weekend! I’ll be giving my keynote speech at CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference this weekend and am super pumped for that!

Much love,

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