• July 9, 2018
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If You Love Yourself-Make this your TOP Priority

Let me ask you something: 

What is most important to you? What is your NUMBER ONE priority? The thing that gets the most of your attention…your focus…your resources…your time. 
Is it your family? Maybe your job? Or maybe finishing school?
Here’s a crazy idea:
What if…you made your emotional well-being your top priority. Just for today. Just to see how it feels. 
Would that change anything for you? Would you stop giving away your energy to other people who aren’t supporting your happiness? Would you spend more time asking yourself what you want that day? Would you, like one person I asked told me-quit your job?!
It can be a scary question to ask babe, I know. Especially if you’re a people pleaser, especially if you’re used to putting yourself on the back burner. If that’s you, you need to ask yourself this question more than ever.
I have my phone background set to this statement: My emotional well being is my number one priority today. I read that when I’m considering saying yes to a business opportunity that I don’t really want to do. I read it when I feel like watching a lame show instead of listening to an inspiring audiobook. And I certainly read it when my competitive side wants to work really hard and push through and hassle, and my human side just wants to rest. 
When we prioritize feeling sane and happy, we show up as our true, wonderful selves in the world, and this serves the whole freaking planet. It’s so amazing how that works 😉
I hope this week’s episode gets you thinking!

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