• July 27, 2018
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Plan Your Life Goals Like a Boss!

Hello darling!

I have been IN THE ZONE this summer. I decided this is my time to go to the *next level*, to show up for my life in every way, to drop all limiting excuses and be all in.

…And I am quickly realizing that the way successful people got that way is by setting GOALS.

Goal setting isn’t all that exciting, or sexy, or fun. I don’t care. It’s a skill that will affect your entire life. Once you master this, you can finally COUNT ON YOURSELF to follow through with your dreams and wishes. It’s astonishingly powerful.

In today’s extra special episode I am talking you through the goal setting process, and explaining how to decide on your dreams, and then link your dreams to daily action steps. I am using the example of a musician with a goal to reach one thousand people with their music. Whether you have a similar dream or something entirely different, you need to learn the skills necessary to conquer your life.  I am going to help you do that.

Watch this powerful video to immediately start investing in yourself and your dream life!



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