• June 8, 2018
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Things I’ve Learned from my Etsy shop!

In today’s highly requested video, I’m breaking down what I have learned over the past several years of running a successful Etsy shop. There are so many things I wish I had known from the beginning, and I’m so happy to get to share these tips with my fellow makers in this video:)

The biggest takeaway for getting other people interested in your art, clothing, music-anything creative-is to show your true self and make it easy for people to connect with you, as the creator. They can get a cool shirt anywhere, but if they feel like by purchasing yours they get to connect with a fellow person, that can make all the difference. So help make that happen-by sharing your vision, explaining why a piece is so special to you, and what you were thinking when you made it. This can make all the difference, and it’s honestly just more fun that way!

I am so grateful we live in a time and world where sharing our art is easier than ever. The odds truly are in our favor, and we have more possibilities than anyone in history. Having a successful business based on your creative ideas IS possible, and I know today’s video will jumpstart your thinking and get you going in the right direction. I believe in you so much!

Happy making!


PS – This summer I’m adding lots of new items to the Custom Catastrophes shop, so even if you miss the video, don’t miss those!


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